(100hp125) unless your circular baler has a t gearbox, it is strongly recommended that you change the gearbox oil every few years or every 5000 bales. If the angle of the transmission in the baler is not appropriate, remove the driveline shield to check the bearings and seals. The main gearbox is usually T-shaped. This driveline may be at a strange angle, so you should take some time to remove the shield to check the seals and other parts.
Disadvantages of prior art drive system
Circular baler is a kind of agricultural equipment, which uses cut crop materials to form bundles. Typically, a circular baler consists of a chamber for forming a bale, a plurality of rollers, and a baffle consisting of a series of side-by-side belts. When the round baler moves in the field, the crop pickup assembly pulls the crop material out of the drum.
Another disadvantage of the prior art drive system is the inability to detect low packaging materials. Usually, the packaging material is manufactured on the drum, and the color will change when it is close to the end of the drum. Due to inefficiency, the operator of the round baler may miss the replacement without realizing that it is time to change the packaging material. When the machine performs baling operations, the operator may even run out of packaging materials.
Another disadvantage of the prior art circular baler drive system is that it is difficult to monitor the level of connecting rod force, which is the only indicator of machine performance. The operator is forced to adjust the safety margin and experience the limits of the machine under different conditions. This leads to unsatisfactory working conditions and annoying shear bolts. If the round baler is not designed for real-time load monitoring, the operation may not be safe.
Oil drain plug on gearbox
You should change the oil in the baler gearbox at least every few years, or change 5000 bales according to the model. The main gearbox is usually a T-shaped gearbox, which can be installed at a strange angle. The driveline shield should be removed to inspect the seals and bearings. Then, drain the oil into a suitable container. After that, replace the cover plate and tighten it. If the plug is cracked, deformed, or leaking, it needs to be replaced. Do not overtighten the plug. The gearbox housing is usually made of alloy, so care should be taken not to damage it. Then, make sure that the gearbox is on level ground. Refill the gearbox with the correct type of oil. Before changing the oil, make sure that the gearbox operates smoothly.
Maintenance of gearbox
Routine maintenance and lubrication of the gearbox of a circular baler are essential to keep it in optimal working condition. According to the type of gearbox used, the oil should be changed every few years or every 5000 packages. Check the lubricating oil level with a dipstick or filter. You should empty the transmission after using it for several hours or after a heavy load operation. This will also remove any water pollution.
Regularly check the drive chain and belt. Check for cracks or excessive free play. If the free clearance is too large, the oil seal will be damaged and the gear may not perform its function. If the free clearance is found to be too large, re-shimming and tightening the bearing adjusting nut will help to reset the bearing preload. Most gearboxes require a breather to allow engine oil to escape. If the breather is not allowed to dissipate the oil correctly, the engine will overheat and may even fail to perform its function.
Thoroughly inspect the main T-box in the round baler before use every year. It is essential to ensure that the oil level is correct and that all seals are secure. Chain and sprocket wear is important to the function of the baler, and sprocket wear will cause the main drive roll to jump. Check the belt for looseness or damage and remove any dirt or debris from the drum.

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